About me

My wife, Amanda, and I live in Boring, MD on a 30 acre farm. We both grew up in Baltimore and Carroll County and love the area. You’ll see us often around town supporting all the amazing local businesses!

We have three dogs that you’ll see featured on a collection of my shirts. Wesley is our Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix, Arlo is a lab boxer poodle and Tela is a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Australian Shepherd mix. 

When I am not tie dyeing, you can find me listening to records, seeing live music (jam bands and blue grass), playing lacrosse, snowboarding, or hiking. 

if you email or DM me, you’re probably talking to my wife Amanda. She does my marketing, website, communication, books events and attends almost all of my events with or without me while working her full time job.